Career Profile

Engineering Director and Frontend Architect at Jotform, my journey in technology began at 13. Known for a decisive "Get things done" approach, I have led significant web and mobile app projects, each reaching millions. Experienced in backend, frontend, desktop, and mobile development, I've consistently pushed innovation's boundaries. Evolving from hands-on developer to visionary leader, I remain deeply engaged in product creation.


At Jotform, along with leading technical discussions, creating innovative solutions, overseeing hiring, and mentoring teams, I manage a complex monorepo of 400+ packages, focusing on system efficiency and scalability.


Beyond Jotform, I offer consulting services and mentorship, and have launched AI powered projects like Tefez and Dream Atlas. My career is a testament to continuous learning and leadership in the fast-paced tech industry.

Career Journey

Engineering Director / Frontend Architect
2022.10 - Present

In my dual role at Jotform, I lead technical discussions, devise innovative solutions, and oversee hiring and team mentorship. I've spearheaded major web and mobile app projects, reaching millions of users, and manage a monorepo with 400+ packages, focusing on system efficiency and automation.

Front-end Architect
2021.10 - Present

As part of the Front-end Architecture team, I focus on enhancing developer efficiency and satisfaction. Responsibilities include creating shared solutions for teams, mentoring, transitioning to a monorepo, and maintaining development environments.

Team Lead / Senior Front-end Developer
2017.10 - 2021.10

Managed a cross-functional team, mentored junior developers, and developed common components, significantly contributing to products used by over 10 million users.

Front-end Developer
2016.8 - 2017.10

Focused on Javascript, mainly with ReactJS, contributing to the development of new features and enhancements in JotForm's offerings.

2021 - Present

Co-founded and developed Tefez, an AI-powered online appointment scheduling tool, contributing to its growth and technological advancement.

2023 - Present
Dream Atlas

Developed Dream Atlas, an innovative AI-based dream analysis app available on App Store and Google Play, showcasing my skills in mobile app development and AI integration.

Full-Stack Developer
2012 - 2016.8
YD Software
(ANKARA METU Technopolis (ODTU Teknokent))

Employed ASP.Net MVC and N-Tier Architecture for system development, including management and learning systems, and engaged in Android and iOS app development using Xamarin and NDK.

2012.06 - 2012.10
YD Software
(ANKARA METU Technopolis (ODTU Teknokent))

Gained hands-on experience in Learning Management System development, working on both desktop and web applications.

Featured Projects

Discover my selection of key projects that highlight innovation and technical skill. For more details, please contact me.

-Easiest Form Builder / 10+ Million Users

JotForm Approvals / JotForm Workflow

A sophisticated drag & drop process builder using React, Redux, Redux-Saga. This project is a testament to my commitment to creating innovative, user-centric solutions.

JotForm Mobile Forms

A pivotal mobile application enabling form creation and submission, boasting over 1 million downloads, highlighting my role in its development with React Native and Redux.

Jotform PDF Editor

Leading the development of a user-friendly PDF Editor, I utilized React & NodeJS to empower users with customized PDF creation capabilities.

JotForm Cards

A next-gen form solution with over a million users, where I contributed as a Javascript Developer, enhancing the user experience with React and SSR.

Easiest Online Form Builder

As a Javascript Developer, I played a crucial role in developing this powerful WYSWYG form builder, integrating React, Redux, and

YD Software (YD Yazilim)
-Tailor-made Software Development Company

Odtu Teknokent Internal Systems (TKBS - YFYI - GGJ - BIGG - ATOM - TeknoJump)

Contributed to ODTU Teknokent's internal systems, employing diverse technologies like C#, ASP.NET MVC, and Xamarin to enhance operational efficiency.

Side Projects
-Explore some of my innovative side projects below.

Tefez - Online Appointment Scheduler

Co-founded Tefez, an AI-powered tool revolutionizing appointment scheduling, exemplifying my ability to merge technology with practical solutions.

Dream Atlas - Analyze Dreams (Mobile APP)

Developed an AI-based dream analysis app for Android and iOS, showcasing my skill in integrating advanced technology with user-friendly app design.

Soldd - Online Marketplace (Mobile APP)

Created Soldd, a versatile marketplace app for Turkish users, leveraging React Native and GraphQL for an optimal user experience.

React-CV - Open Source

Developed React-CV, an open-source tool for building CV websites, contributing to the developer community with my expertise.

React-Flippy - Open Source

React-Flippy, a popular open-source React component for flipping cards, showcases my commitment to sharing innovative solutions.


Management Information Systems (BS)
2017 - 2021
Anadolu University

Conferences & Certificates

My engagement in key conferences and pursuit of certifications underscores my commitment to continual learning and staying current in the IT field. These experiences have enriched my professional journey, providing opportunities for knowledge expansion, networking, and sharing insights.

O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference
Berlin, Germany - 2019
Principal Developer Training
Istanbul, Turkey - 2019
Eduard Sizovs
Barcelona, Spain - 2018
(Attendee / Lightning talk speaker)
Frontend Istanbul
Istanbul, Turkey - 2018
Frontend Istanbul
Informatics Day
Ankara, Turkey - 2018
Kilkenny, Ireland - 2017



Core Competencies

Strategic Technology Leadership
Advanced JavaScript & React Development
Scalable System Architecture
Efficient Project Management
Innovative Product Development
Cross-Platform Solutions (Web & Mobile)
AI Fundamentals & Application
DevOps & Automation Strategies
Mentorship & Team Building

Hobbies & Interests

Technology Innovation & Trends
Open-Source Contributions
Exploring AI Applications
Digital & Analog Photography
Culinary Arts & Experimentation
Historical & Tech Literature
Outdoor Activities & Nature Exploration
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